Use of facilities for young people in agriculture


Objective of the measure, managed by ISMEA, is to foster generational change in agriculture through the insertion of young people in the management of agricultural businesses competitive. It applies throughout the country in compliance with the rules on state aid. The beneficiaries of the subsidies to young farmers, even organized in corporate form, intending to settle for the first time in an agricultural holding as head company and presenting a business plan for the development of agricultural activity down over a period of at least 5 years to demonstrate the economic and financial sustainability of the operation. They are excluded from the benefits the young people who are setting up businesses created from the splitting of existing companies.Requirements for beneficiaries: 1) aged between 18 and 39 years at the time of the application was the beneficiary. In the case of partnerships or capital requirement of age it must be shown for absolute majority and numerical. 2) The exercise of agricultural activity should be in the national territory3) The use must take place after the submission of the application facilitation commencing on the date of the general management of the company. 4) The beneficiary is committed to lead the company for a minimum period of five years after setting, except in cases of force majeure.Conditions to be eligible for the facilities: 1) Presentation of a business plan that demonstrates the economic and financial sustainability of the lease in relation to the development of agricultural activity down over a period of at least five years. The business plan may provide, where necessary, direct investment enterprise modernization, possibly financed by other national or Community public sources. 2) possess adequate occupational skills and competences attested by the qualification or work experience of at least 2 years as an adjuvant that is documented from the inclusion of farm worker to its social security system, or certificate of attendance at a profit in appropriate training courses are national or regional.And 'it granted to a young adjustment period not exceeding 36 months from the date on which she was hired the individual decision to grant aid to meet the requirements for the capacity and professional competence, provided that this requirement is specified in the business plan .The settlement premium is granted under a finance lease granted by ISMEA, it finalized the acquisition of the farm and is disbursed in two tranches over a period of up to five years. The lease will be repaid in semi-annual installments.The settlement premium is granted on account of interest, for abatement rate, to be repaid according to a repayment plan, of variable duration, according to the beneficiary, from a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 30 years.The aid intensity is calculated on the basis of the reference rate set periodically by the European Commission for the operations of discounting, existing at the time of granting support.

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