From California comes the robot that makes the vegetable garden


It can sowing and watering at the right time, is capable of weeding out and pull out the plants when necessary, in a few words is able to play - on small portions of land - all activities of a farmer in the flesh. Only it's a robot. It's called FarmBot Genesis and is a project that comes from California. Intended, if the future will see applied on a large scale, to revolutionize the world of agriculture, but also the home orchard.FarmBot is a robot capable of doing the garden of the house and thus give the opportunity to a wider section of people, to cultivate vegetables kilometer zero.The company that has developed is a non-profit (the FarmBot inc) and said that the robot is able to work, thanks to its special mechanical arm, on land of about 2.9 m to 1, 4 m.In addition to the fundamentals of the vegetable garden, FarmBot knows measure some parameters of the soil and the surrounding environment so that plants grow better. It works with an open source technology that makes innovation can reach every corner of the planet. The address to be consulted shall farmbot.io.


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