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Febo Giardini di Antonella Febo

It all began with a small nursery. Few plants, a lot of love for the land. Mario Phoebus still lives for the nursery, his world is to create macros and sculpted bonsai plants. He has the soul of the farmer, and it was he who transmitted this passion to the children, to the point that as a small business the Febo family has managed, over time and with so much passion, to give life to a solid group growing and now leder recognized as a mark of the sector. Mario Febo sowed well, he might say. "As for the hanging gardens - says Umberto, Mario's son and owner of the group - twenty years ago looked at us like aliens. Unlike other companies in the sector, our growth has been dictated by the desire of continuous research and a international vision. the fragmentation of the areas that characterizes us has allowed us to overcome the economic crisis of recent years and allows us to ensure the stability of the group. " Umberto Febo is Assoverde national vice-president, the only association recognized by the Ministry of the green and present to the negotiating tables on the work to protect the interests of the horticultural industry market. "We fight for years for job security and we deal with issues such as the unbundling of the green voice on big infrastructure projects." The association, which counts 440 members, is committed to the national contract for employees "nurseries", providing for the separation of the professionals from the agricultural sector. The Febo Group operates in the horticultural industry in the 50 years. From then to the road today it has been traveled so much. The last born of the group is Optima Gardens, the result of a patent created in Switzerland in the 70's and developed in Germany in the 80s, which gave birth to the expansion in the European market. Already in 86 Febo Gardens he had acquired the exclusive patent for the Abruzzo, and four years ago Phoebus Group bought the Optima brand for Italy.

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Febo Giardini di Antonella Febo
Str. Lungofino 185, Città Sant'Angelo (PE)

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