Federazione italiana boscaioli



Federazione italiana boscaioli

The Italian Federation Lumberjacks (F.I.B.) was founded in late 1996, following the transformation of Interregional Committees, that with the Forestry Association of Trentino organized races "Pentathlon of the Woodcutter," in the Lumberjacks Associations. They have contributed, in eighteen years of events, to spread and to raise awareness on almost throughout the country this discipline that lies halfway between sport and the operator's forestry activities. 1997 has served to study the Regulation and its application on the race, which saw demonstrations of two types: the "Pentathlon of the Lumberjack", made up of five disciplines, and the "Triathlon Woodsman" made up of the last three disciplines the pentathlon (felling, limbing and cutting with an ax). Unlike the pentathlon still practiced and carried forward from 'AFT, the Federation has sought over time to adapt to the regulations under the World Championships of Lumberjacks, compatible with organizational needs of the race track set up of suitable land and in conducting the competition in a single day.
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Federazione italiana boscaioli
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