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Federfiori srl

Federfiori is the National Federation of Italian florists, Confcommercio Enterprises for Italy. Its main task is the defense of the rights and protection of the interests of the class. Among its activities we note the fight against forms of illegal trade of flowers and plants, unfair competition, the unregulated proliferation of sales for charity of floriculture products, excess tax burden and to all that unfairly harms and diverts resources to florists. Federfiori, alongside his intense union political activities, organizes events and floral art competitions in Italy and in the world. In addition, through its School of Art and floral technique, he offers training courses for florists at all levels. The structure of the School aims to train the florist through knowledge of theories and techniques of floral composition, color theory, botany and floral marketing.

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Federfiori srl
C.so Vittorio Emanuele II 74, Vigevano (PV)

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