Feeding the lawn after the cold months


In micro-granular form and enriched with selected strains of bacteria, manure Fortyl relaxing lawn" of Copyr is specifically designed for the nutrition of the lawn.Thanks to the high content of nitrogen and phosphorus, the product provides important green energy reserves carpet to overcome the colder months of the year, thus stimulating the vegetative spring recovery.Fortyl grass relaxing at the same time ensures greater well-being, thanks to the helpful bacteria that stimulate root development and the absorption of iron, phosphorus and other trace elements. At the same time it favors microbiological activity of the soil and a more uniform germination and compact.As explanatory Copyr, Fortyl lawn relaxation is also "more effective and easy to use, thanks to the micro-granules formulation that increases the points of contact with the roots, favoring a more homogeneous distribution and reducing waste"."


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