The fence with natural harmonious lines for green spaces


The image evoked is that of bamboo canes which tilt to the passage of the wind, with a touch of exoticism: CreaZen is the new fence Betafence Steel, a tribute to nature and its vegetative expression.
"Alongside the trend jungle - explained the company - which characterized the entire 2016, for the outdoors has also established an alternative trend more minimalist and inspired by nature, in materials or shapes. Hence decorate the garden it means connotarlo with furnishings that fit into the context harmoniously. it should not be forgotten that if the perimeter fence decorative, represents an important complement to be selected according to the type of the garden and the outdoor furniture style. CreaZen is ideal for individual houses, apartment complexes , parks and green areas of value ".
Due to the linearity of square tubes, CreaZen has a clean and elegant design - also favored by the external fixation semi-hidden - that makes for gardens and green space aesthetic balance and lightness.
A guarantee of resistance over time, even in hostile environments such as those of the sea, the fence is cured with a special protective treatment.


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