Fer-Garden di Civelli Dante


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Fer-Garden di Civelli Dante

In 1985 Fergarden, our family already in 1800 produced and marketed flour and grind grain in the mill operated with water.

At the beginning of the activity, Fergarden sold products for the garden and a bit of hardware, but after a while by virtue of an ever-growing demand has specialized in sales and service of garden machinery and the construction of prefabricated trusses.

The purpose of our business is to satisfy all needs in the care and furnishings of the garden offering the best product on mercato.Grande field experience in the garden machinery and excellent after sales service.

Qualified and motivated, ready to satisfy every request and every desire.
absolute strength of the workshop, aimed at ensuring day repairs and provide free replacement machine in case of problems. Utmost professionalism in the production of bespoke timber structures in which we are assembled with care and precisione.In such a wide and varied landscape.

Fergarden represents a point of reference for everyone, from professional to private customers for their professionalism and competence.

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Company headquarter
Fer-Garden di Civelli Dante
Via Rovera 38, Gavirate (VA)

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