Ferrari plants a forest


It is called "Bosco Ferrari" and is one of the environmental protection actions of the Maranello car manufacturer within the Rete Clima Italy Forest Campaign. The project includes 30 hectares of new forestation in the province of Modena. First stop in Maranello, where 200 trees and shrubs have been planted.
A six-hectare Querco-Carpineto was born in Maranello, a forest formation typical of the Po Valley.
Native tree and shrub species will be planted, born from certified seeds, grown in local nurseries for two years and carefully selected in order to recreate a suitable ecosystem. The new forest will be included in a larger green area, equipped and accessible to citizens, which will be built between 2022 and 2023 also thanks to the support of Ferrari. The young plants will be cared for by Rete Clima for the next three years.
"The launch of this important collaboration with Ferrari, an iconic company in Italy and in the world, is a source of great pride and satisfaction for us - says Paolo Viganò, President and co-founder of Rete Clima - The Bosco Ferrari project is constituted as a virtuous example of forestry on the national territory, one of the largest projects carried out in Italy by a private company, the result of a vision oriented towards the enhancement of the local territory, the generation of ecosystem services and climate mitigation ".
"The forestry activities of Rete Clima - says Andrea Pellegatta, Vice President and co-founder of Rete Clima - involve the planting and cultivation for three years of native plants, belonging to different tree and shrub species, typical of the Ecoregion of the Po Valley.
The plants are grown in local nurseries because the purpose of the projects is also to enhance the Italian horticultural supply chain. All plants are also accompanied by a phytosanitary passport, which guarantees the control, traceability and absence of diseases whose spread could cause serious economic and environmental damage ".

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