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Ferritalia soc. coop

Founded in 1974, Ferritalia is a cooperative group consists of 12 companies specialized in hardware and tools, each of which has led to the group his profound wealth of experience, credibility and knowledge of the area.

In over 30 years of Ferritalia business it has grown to become the largest enterprise of Italian hardware, with a total turnover of 300 million Euros and over 28,000 active customers.

An extraordinary development, which has its roots in the deep knowledge of the market and the different needs of customers, in the vast assortment of products, which is constantly renewed according to changes in demand, the capillarity of the distribution network.

Speed and precision of deliveries are fundamental strengths, for a company that, thanks to the 11 stores located throughout Italy (plus 1 in Spain) and the fleet of 125 trucks, moves each year more than 2 million pounds of product. Ingredients that are decreeing the success of Ferritalia also in Spain, where the group is operating on account of the company's A-Forged Tool.

Since 1974

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Ferritalia soc. coop
Via Longhin 71, Padova (PD)

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