A solution for autumn lawn welfare


To help the meadow overcome the cold months and stimulate spring vegetative growth, Copyr proposes a microgranular fertilizer that gives energy reserves to the soil, thanks to a high content of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Relax lawn belongs to the Forty line of Copyr. The fertilizer is enriched with selected bacterial strains and is specifically designed for herbaceous nutrition.
"The presence of useful bacteria guarantees well-being on the lawn - explains Copyr - stimulating the radical development and absorption of Iron, Phosphorus and other microelements. It also favors the microbiological activity of the soil and a more uniform and compact germination. The lawn is so healthier and more luxuriant. "
The microgranulate formulation simplifies the use of fertilizer, favoring a more homogeneous distribution and less waste.
"It is recommended - conclude by Copyr - to use 1-3 teaspoons per plant, or 1-1.5 kg per 100 square meters. The product is supplied in a 1 kg case. "

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