New practical and innovative fertilizer spreaders


A complete range to meet every need: Gardena offers a new range of manual fertilizer spreaders in various sizes, depending on the surface to be treated.
"A complete offer to guarantee the right model for every garden (small, medium and large gardens) and type of application (sowing, fertilising, spreading salt and materials for the winter)".
Made of high-quality plastic material, the new Gardena fertilizer spreaders stand out for their resistance to corrosion and cracks. Extremely practical to clean, simply rinse them with running water at the end of use.
The manual fertilizer spreader M is ideal for distributing fertilizers, seeds and antifreeze salt on medium-small surfaces and city gardens (up to 100 square meters). The use of the tool is extremely easy thanks to the crank mechanism.
Equipped with an integrated ergonomic handle, perfectly balanced and an opening / closing button, which can be easily operated with the thumb, which allows a perfect control of the material output. The quantity of material to be released can also be adjusted on 4 levels. The freely rotating distribution disc guarantees reliable operation.
For consumers who have larger gardens, Gardena offers the L fertilizer spreader for medium-sized gardens (about 400 square meters) and the XL fertilizer spreader for larger gardens (about 800 square meters). Perfect for every season, both can be used to spread fertilizers, seeds, antifreeze salt and, in addition, the L model also gravel and sand. They are also extremely convenient to store after use as they are perfectly self-supporting and easy to hang.

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