In Rome, the Festival of the Green and landscape


The Festival of the Green and Landscape takes place on Park Pensile Parco della Musica designed by Renzo Piano, the most significant cultural realities of Rome and of the country, both in terms of quality of supply and on that of the public involved. Every year more than a million people attend his shows and attend the facility. The Festival aims to explore the different areas and languages of contemporary landscape through the point of view of architects, landscapers, nurserymen specialized, industry, companies, artists and designers, in order to enhance aesthetics and improve the quality of life of the territory, especially in the city. The fifth edition took place from 15 to May 17, 2015.Object of the competition is the design and construction of temporary gardens in the fifth edition of the Festival of the Green and Landscape. The competition section, called Adventures creative" this year has as its object: walk on the wild side - variations on the theme of the course.The 2015 edition of "Adventures creative" asked about the theme of the trail in the landscape project: the crossing, as a tool for the unveiling of the elements of wonder that make a garden or a park. Or as an object of thought itself, the surface of the story of a thought through a design and pattern of significant signs and materials.In the first case the quality of the journey itself may not be very important: the path takes us quietly, curved or straight, and let us appreciate the preparation of the vegetable garden of micro landscapes that make up closer or more distant horizons. Instead, the path can be a leader, a strong support expressive in itself, that draws our attention to the beauty and complexity of its design, the difficulty of walking it, for the sound it produces.Participants must complete the entry form by 26 February 2015. The entry form can be downloaded from the site www.festivaldelverdeedelpaesaggio.it section contests. Each participant or group of participants, is assigned a code that must be included on all documents produced subsequently."


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