Field tests lawn mower Grin PM53


This video is tested in 3 very different situations. Built on the proven Grin frame, mounts the powerful and reliable Briggs & Stratton 850 Series 6-cv with a Ready Start device that makes it easy to start up.
The 2-speed, professionally-trained, oil-tight tin-plated aluminum body is reliable and powerful and allows speed regulation depending on lawn conditions. The innovative concept of traction, supported by the "GRIN suspended axles", allows to increase shock resistance and preserve the mechanism over time.
Ideal for professional maintenance, it's a machine that's best in difficult situations.The maintainers who use it are amazed at the ability to sprays even in tall and humid grass. It can also be used in low-frequency maintenance. The 53 cm cut makes it suitable for large extensions, while ensuring the convenience in small spaces.

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