The 10 most beautiful parks in Italy for the 2015 competition


What will be the most beautiful gardens of Italy for 2015, we'll know at the end of the summer, when will be announced the two winners of the national competition. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the holidays to a fascinating journey through the beautiful green Italian. From north to south, with a variety of shapes, paths, botanical collections really exceptional and breathtaking views, that year's Expo will be discovered and appreciated by foreign tourists, thanks to events that link the parks to 'EPlace Universal.The top ten most beautiful parks in Italy was drawn up by the Scientific Committee of the contest, which selected the finalists among more than a thousand gardens that are part of the network The most beautiful park in Italy" (driving is on ondine www.ilparcopiubello.it).The route between the "magnificent ten" of 2015 starts from Lombardy and the province of Varese, with the park of Villa Toepliz eight hectares designed in the late twenties and now preserve redwoods, cedars of Lebanon and the Himalayas, as well as monumental staircases, waterfalls and fountains mosaics with water features that resemble oriental settings. Owned by the town of Varese in 1972, the park has a picnic area and children's playground (within the villa houses the museum etoarcheologico).Also in Lombardy, but in Lainate, here is Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta, with its garden of 5.2 acres, built on a regular pattern and embellished with greenhouses, stucco, mosaics and fountains. Coinciding with Expo Milano 2015, they have been restored to working the nineteenth century greenhouses of orchids (which will be inaugurated in the spring of 2016) to host international events.Lombardy and Liguria, to admire in the park of Villa Grock Imperia, a place of natural wonders and man-made reflecting the brilliant and imaginative mind of its own, the clown Adrian Wettach, said "Grock". Genoa also has its finalist, the garden of Villa Serra, with its elegant nine hectares of park, made since 1850. Not to be missed, between May and September, the collections of hydrangeas, unique in our country, which gathers more than 2,000 specimens and 270 varieties.Moving in Tuscany, here is the Tarot Garden, in Grosseto, a garden of art born in the late seventies, a place alien to the frenetic pace of everyday life. In the province of Pistoia, Collodi, there is instead the Garzoni Garden, synthesis between Renaissance geometry and the superabundance of theatrical baroque. Since 2007, here you can also visit the Butterfly House, a greenhouse in stone and glass that houses a tropical environment inhabited by thousands of butterflies.The itinerary also includes the capital, with the garden of the Villa Medici

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