Fiorinsieme: color in the landscape


The title chosen for this year's edition (the thirteenth, the third that takes place in Piazza della Loggia) is an invitation to open your eyes and let all the senses are involved. "Feel the colors" is the theme of Fiorinsieme 2018, in Brescia from 1 to 9 September.
The organizers explain, the Association Florovivaisti Bresciani: "The formula provides, as always, a large temporary exhibition by the association, setting up possible thanks to the collaboration and contribution of the City of Brescia and support of their member companies, which will set up piazza della Loggia as a colorful painting, with a geometric but not symmetrical layout, with colored displays that fit between art, architecture, exhibit design and garden design ".
A large temporary colorful park will allow visitors to walk, relax and why not play. The project includes green (grass) and colored paths (colored gravel and wood chips), colored areas (seasonal blooms), trees with differently shaped foliage, aggregation points, chairs and flowered furnishings.
"The concept of this year's project derives from the relationship between landscape and nature, the transposition of a Mondrian painting to architecture, urban planning. To reproduce the color in the panels that make up the inspiring framework of Mondrian, seasonal white, red, blue and yellow blooms will be used. Color is an element of great importance in the landscape as well as in art, and often in fact landscape, color and art intersect and influence each other, sometimes they coincide ". continue from the Brescia association.
Saturday 1 September there will be the usual ribbon cutting in the presence of the mayor. The event will then open with a conference of technical detail on the theme of the landscape, which will develop on the two weekends. In addition, the Association Florovivaisti Bresciani provides information points in which the advantages of the Green Bonus will be explained.
For the complete program you can consult the website
- The editorial staff -
Cover photo from the Facebook page of the Associazione Florovivaisti Bresciani.


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