Sensory gardens and health


This year, now at the twelfth edition, Fiorinsieme reappears, in a new and unprecedented dress, "to eat". The event, organized and proposed by the Brescia Floricultural Association, will take place in Brescia, in the square of Loggia, from 2 to 10 September.
For a few years, the concept is that green is not just a pleasure for the eyes but a source of well-being that can involve all the senses. This is why the organizers this year will guide visitors to discovering and deepening the theme of the edible garden.
The formula, as always, provides a great temporary set up by the main operators of the sector, who will be responsible for setting up the Piazza della Loggia and cheering the citizens with different areas: edible garden; Garden garden slow; Health garden (Healing Garden); Terapeutic garden; Sensory garden; Garden of smells and perfumes; Aromatic garden; garden; urban gardens; Hortus conclusus.
"The concept on which Fiorinsieme 2017 is based - explains the Brescian florivivist association - is clear from the title: green is always and in any case a source of well-being and health. Based on this, there is a real sensory pathway where edible and ornamental plants intersect and the importance of preserving biodiversity is highlighted through the study of green planting and the different tree varieties. Another highlight, this year's setup, is the 'contamination' between garden and garden, proving that green is no longer just an ornament. Then go to medieval quotations, with hortus conclusus, urban gardens, references to cloisters. All the examples in which green was a functional as well as aesthetic. Everything is to be forgotten that Fiorinsieme must be an occasion to reflect on the importance of green, but also and above all to live it fully and with pleasure and to understand "from within" the benefits it can bring. The square will therefore be viable, livable, with waterways and rest areas designed for the pleasure of those who visit Fiorinsieme 2017. "
There will also be a series of in-depth seminars and workshops that will culminate on Friday, 8 September 2017 with the conference "Green vision, between health and sensory. Essential Requirements for Designing and Living the Future Intelligently and Naturally ", from 9.30 to 12.30 in Sala dei Giudici at Palazzo Loggia di Brescia.

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