The first hybrid or electric radio-controlled mower


Silent, safe for the operator, capable of offering high performance: in this video Roberto Peruzzo presents Robofox, the first radio-controlled flail mower that does not fear tall grass, the toughest scrubs and slopes.
Robofox is available in Hybrid or electric version and is suitable for professionals who need to work in public and private environments respecting the quiet and the sound limits imposed by municipal administrations and by anti-pollution regulations.
Robofox is ideal for various uses, regardless of the soil worked. Management via an easy-to-use multifunction remote control with a range of up to 300 m allows the operator to always work in maximum safety, even on the edges of busy roads.
Robofox can reach a working inclination of up to 55 °: it is equipped with a floating chopping bar, a low center of gravity and an anti-tip system that makes it stable even on steep slopes, such as ditches or rough terrain.


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