Fiskars 'test products' for 100 days


The promotion is called "0% stress 100% happiness": from 1 February to 31 July 2019, Fiskars gives the possibility to buy products of the Garden line and try them for 100 days. If you are not satisfied, after the test, you can request a refund by connecting to the site
The mechanism and the regulation of the promotion are shown on the website. It is sufficient to justify the reason for the return, attach the proof of purchase and send the product to the Italian Fiskars warehouse indicated. The company will quickly reimburse the customer's current account by bank transfer.
The Fiskars 0% Stress 100% Happiness promotion starts on 2 February and ends on 31 July 2019 on the whole national territory, including islands.
The range of products for the garden of Fiskars is very wide and goes from the small transplanter to take care of the greenery and flowers on the balcony, up to the Universal Cutter, the canopy that reaches 6 meters in height.

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