Fito: treatments for plants in winter


Autumn has arrived: we are preparing the months of the year when cold, lack of light and environmental stressors can become a trap for the health of plants and the brilliance of their leaves. Just like people, even house plants need in fact those little touches that can preserve the brilliance and beauty ... How? Fito offers two solutions that will ensure the open house a little cuddle" beauty in a simple and healthy: Fito Fito and polishing leaves only the energy, in fact, protect and provide the plants the right amount of energy even during the most cold and lack of light in the home environment. Fito polishing leaf is an innovative product that hinders dust and smog on the leaves, protecting the plant from all those contaminants that may harm their brilliance, ensuring the smooth breathing and preserving a perfect "silk effect". Fito only the energy tonic is 'ready', ideal for plants that are weakened during the winter season, suffer from the lack of light. The innovative formula based on amino guarantees a tonic and stimulant, and, thanks to Proline, a reserve of carbon and nitrogen in order to maintain optimal water balance of the plant and the photosynthetic activity."


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