F.lli Lorenzini snc



F.lli Lorenzini snc

The company florvivaistica of LORENZINI brothers, born in the early 2000s, is the natural evolution of the family roots that the 60 has always worked in contact with nature. Founder was the grandfather VINCENZO. He had a crusher S.MARTINO of ORTONOVO but he was also a skilled farmer and produced fruit and vegetables. The son Ennio chose to move to the floriculture sector in which it was' a forerunner in the province of LA SPEZIA, assisted by his wife ERNESTINA and ANITA mother. The sons of ENNIO: MICHELE, ANNA and MAXIMUM, after a training period, after the heel elevator to the flower markets, after realizing the passion that united them to the tradition of the family, revealing the nursery in via variant Aurelia 60 to SARZANA convetendo again floriculture production from the vegetable plants. Without ever betraying the beloved flowers, he ran, as well as the production, also to retail becoming a reality of lean val and slowly the province so as to become the exclusive sellers of the company "ORTOMIO" national leader in the production of seedlings vegetable garden.

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F.lli Lorenzini snc
Via delle Ginestre 4, Ortonovo (SP)

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