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F.lli Zanotti

For the past 65 years the name F.lli Zanotti is tied hand in glove with the world of agriculture. We are a leader in Trentino in agricultural engine and from the foundation, in the era in which even in Trentino the agricultural world was passing by a very partial use of mechanical means to a new specialization and technification of cultures, we continue to collaborate and support farmers. The founder was Charles Zanotti in 1947, then in 64 the company passed to the twin sons Cesare and Jordan until years 90. The new generation is represented by Enrica who with her husband Luke, continued today the splitting activities of the tasks: Enrica follows the administration and gardening, Luke deals with great passion of all the agricultural machinery and equipment industry sales. The great technical expertise we have gained through years of experience is a perfect match with the attention we pay to the satisfaction of our customers. Knowledge of the product and its use combined with a commercial service and assistance that involves all our staff, allow us to say that the Zanotti Brothers provides a "technical-commercial advantage" that is witnessed by customers who continue to work with us for many years.
Since 1947

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Trentino Alto Adige
Company headquarter
F.lli Zanotti
Via S. Daniele Comboni 5, Trento (TN)

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