Flora Trade, the challenge between top florists


A race to the sound of flower arrangements, one of the most renowned florists, nationally and internationally. The Flora Trade Show (Salone Internazionale del nursery and landscape of Rimini) will take place on September 23, the first edition of the Flora Trade Decoration Cup.The contest theme will be The Baroque to the five senses": a comparison (and meeting) between professionals "in search of the new, the beautiful and the good." The florists will create a decoration in the Baroque style for the table and for the dishes, from aperitif to dessert, cooperating and confronting professionals in the world of catering, as bartenders, chefs and pastry chefs.Each course must be articulated in a floral decoration according to a particular color assigned: white for the appetizer, yellow for the starter, the first red, the second green, black dessert."Colours, smells, tastes, tactile sensations of materials - the organizers explain - combined with a background of baroque music, will create a unique atmosphere that will envelop all the senses. It is a competition that aims to encourage the use of flowers and green creatively both for ceremonies and special events both in the restaurant every day. The choice of the Baroque style, typically Italian, is another element of innovation compared to the minimalist style that has become a trend in recent years. "The competition is organized in collaboration with the National Association of Plants and Flowers of Italy and with major national schools for florists (Assofioristi, Planet Flower, Laboratory Ideas, Flowers Sculpture), coordinated by the Italian Guide The florists.Finally, Thursday, September 24, are scheduled two keynote (at 10 and 14) on the characteristics of different styles of decoration: chromaticity, elegance, softness, lightness, drama, movement, sensuality, creativity. The title of the demonstration will be teaching "Renaissance, baroque, neoclassical style Italian through art floral". There will be presentations of Chicco Pastorino, Cecilia Serafino, Carmelo Antonuccio and some teachers Assofioristi."

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