Flora Trade Show celebrates grandparents


Everyone knows that March 19th is Father's Day, and falls when the mom. Less remembered perhaps the feast of grandparents, who for ten years is celebrated on October 2. This year, Plant Trade Show dedicated to the anniversary special initiatives, dedicated to florists and garden centers, with suggestions for window dressing, green gift ideas, a free kit and workshops for grandparents and grandchildren.At the fair, held in Rimini 23 to 25 September, they will be able to find ideas flowering to encourage the choice of plants and flowers as gifts. Many themes that will be explored: the styles for the preparations to the types of plants best suited to the occasion, as ideas for packaging, accessories to match.The professionals who will visit the exhibition can pick up a kit to customize their windows. They are also planning workshops with children and grandparents special", which will make the interactive demo area located in Hall C3."


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