At Flora Trade Show the future of urban parks


Consider the city park as a social gathering place, urban redevelopment tool, productive space capable of representing a plus in the tourist offer and, therefore, the subject of economic development". Starting from this premise Rimini Fair (in collaboration with Studio Grassi Design) has developed the "Urban parks" project, within the Flora Trade Show."The event, aimed at the promotion of horticultural production and the culture of the landscape in all its forms, thanks to its placement in September, becomes the ideal time to make a focus on the nursery industry and to address the different issues related to the green design external public and private sectors - the organizers explain - up to the establishment of working groups focused on environmental protection. All topics of great importance in many areas: from tourism to psychological well-being, the prevention of hydrogeological environmental sustainability ".In the exhibition "The Urban Parks" visitors will be able to find an interactive journey that will lead operators through various forms of urban park: the green areas of the waterfront all'ortoparco, from green for the redevelopment of brownfields to historical park, all integrated by a series of seminars, workshops, tastings, educational activities for different professions. The environment will be recreated will be able to communicate an innovative and multifaceted vision of the urban green, seamless between exposure and adverse events, including products and cultural content."


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