At Flora Trade Show top buyers from five continents


They will be a hundred buyers in the horticultural sector that will arrive in Rimini for the Flora Trade Show. The event thus confirming its international character, to ensure business opportunities for operators appeared.This year, as has already happened in 2015, Rimini Fiera will provide the firms participating in the Flora Trade Show a platform to realize international business meetings.Before the companies agree on the fair online appointments with buyers of interest to them, checking in advance (and the real opportunities for joint business in a reciprocal manner). Then, during the fair, at the stands of exhibitors, will host meetings with the valuable support of interpreters (made available by the organizers) and the office coordinating foreign marketing of the fair.Following the event, finally, all interested companies will be able to receive the complete file of the foreign delegates and contact even those who has not been possible to meet during the Trade Show.The foreign buyers, said from Flora Trade Show, are carefully selected by our network of foreign agents, based on the exact correspondence with the exhibition offering that our event is. It is a very appreciated by the exhibitors service, especially those small and medium who need organizational support to approach new markets and develop their business.A hundred delegations that will come from France, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria."The operators involved - conclude - ranging from wholesalers of plants to the public green managers, by the landscape architects / planners to buyers of chains specializing in the distribution of flower products, but also buyers of large tourist facilities, sports centers, theme parks , and so on. Operators will also agree with you to visits to production sites. ""


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