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Florarici ss

"The House of Nature" Florarici, horticultural company to address since the 70s, shows strong support thanks to the choices and forward-looking ideas of its components over time, bring this activity to expand, to become one of the "Garden Store "most qualified nationwide. Inside it is present 6 specific and distinct departments by type of products, all with the same common denominator, nature and its elements: Plants & Flowers - Gardening - Home & Decor - Garden furnishings - Zoogarden - Christmas market. This "Garden Store" you can find dall'indispensabile as strange and delicious complement article, object inalienably fascinating as simple and straightforward product. Florarici is a family-run, modern and innovative, constantly evolving and looking for curiosity always new, from all corners of the world, changing the rhythm of time and seasons.

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Florarici ss
Via Labirinto 243, Brescia (BS)

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