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Floricoltura Bovo Garden

The Floriculture Bovo Garden is located in the heart of the city of Rovigo, on the east ring road connecting Padua and Ferrara. For more than 20 years Bovo Garden serves more than 60,000 residents in the city and in the vast Rodigina province, with love passion and dedication. In our Garden you can find flowers, outdoor plants (perennials / seasonal), trees, indoor plants, vegetable seeds, organic seeds, gardening tools, pots and decorations for the home and more. Floriculture Bovo Garden, however, is not just a shop but a real green paradise where you can soak and relax by working times or for those who have the chance to live every day in nature. The multifaceted complex characterized by highly spectacular mostly on holidays and spring, enjoys genuine practicality, everything is cataloged and priced, promoting the concept of DIY. There is, however, we have trained staff to answer your questions and clarify your doubts.

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Floricoltura Bovo Garden
Via Concilio Vaticano II, Rovigo (RO)

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