Floricoltura Quaiato



Floricoltura Quaiato

It is the largest garden of the Veneto, the only equipped with technically advanced systems to produce quality plants superior to an increasingly competitive price. In the 25,000 square meters. Heated greenhouses are grown each year more than 2,000,000 plants, and has been joined in recent years the production of about 1.2 million seedlings from garden. Our plants are produced and sold on site and therefore retain the highest quality guaranteed by the lack of exposure to stress factors such as packaging, storage and transport, with the advantage of a faster and stronger recovery after transplantation. Garden are constantly present in our plants and flowers to color and perfume every season. Other departments of the Garden are dedicated to everything that is connected to the plants: potting soil, fertilizer, care, maintenance, Vaserie, equipment and garden furniture. No shortage countless furnishings, sought after by a selection of high-level international suppliers, useful to make unique and special your environments.

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Company headquarter
Floricoltura Quaiato
Via Bosco 18, Castel D'azzano (VR)

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