Floriculture, a 5 billion euro sector


All over Italy there are 25 thousand companies active in the production of flowers and plants, which generate a total turnover of 2.6 billion euros. Considering also the induced (therefore a total of 47 thousand companies) the figure rises to 5 billion euro, about 5% of the agricultural plv. The data concerning the development of the nursery sector have been disseminated by Asproflor on the occasion of the presentation of the new edition of the Comuni Fioriti competition.
Overall, the area occupied by companies in the sector is 30 thousand hectares and 120 thousand units are used. The provinces where there is a greater concentration of companies that are part of the green supply chain (care, sale and cultivation of plants and flowers) are in the order Imperia, Rome, Naples and Turin.
The per capita consumption of flowers and plants has almost halved in the last thirty years: spending for this item has dropped from 70 euros at the end of the 1990s to 43 euros in 2017.
Meanwhile, the jury of Asproflor for the 2018 edition of the Comuni Fioriti competition is starting: all the participating municipalities will be visited anonymously (only in case of doubt the administration will be contacted).
Based on the result achieved, all participants will be awarded an award; to the municipalities that will have obtained 3 and 4 flowers, the traditional yellow signs will be delivered to be affixed to the entrances of the municipality. To those who have obtained 1 or 2 flowers, the original file of the sign will be sent by mail to be used for the production of the same. There are also eight winners, two for each category: municipalities up to 1000 inhabitants, municipalities from 1000 to 5000 inhabitants, municipalities over 5000 inhabitants and tourist municipalities. There will also be other awards, for example the excellence of flowering for the school, the hotel, the private home, the vegetable garden and the best educational and urban vegetable garden will be rewarded.


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