Dilations for green: the floriculture at the House


An assignment to the House of Representatives in support of green and floriculture, especially in the direction of tax deduction measures for gardening. The President of Assofloro Lombardia, Nada Scissors, received the post as Advisor to the Chairman of the Sixth Permanent Finance Commission within the Chamber of Deputies Expert Consultations.
"Florovivaismo finally has the opportunity to make its voice heard," comments Assofloro, "and to contribute to the development and implementation of projects he has been working for years in favor of green and, as a result, the environment, health Public, climate, real estate and quality of life. "
The President of the House Finance Commission, Mr Maurizio Bernardo, established a Consultative Committee, involving some representatives of the World of Associations, Professions, Universities and Businesses. Florovivaismo has joined this Expert Consultation with the appointment of Nada Forbici (President of the Regional Association of Assofloro Lombardia and the Provincial Association Florovivaisti Bresciani), selected by the Finance Commission among the 100 experts who will elaborate proposals and projects in the interest Of the country.
"The Expert Consultation - said in a press release by the President of the House Finance Commission, Maurizio Bernardo - who joins me in the work of the Commission, consisting of presidents of trade unions, professions, academics and non-profit organizations, already Has been gathering for several months in Milan and Rome for elaborating proposals and projects. In short, the team will hold public meetings to illustrate the work of civil society, in the exclusive interest of Italy and Milan, the economic and financial heart of Italy. "
Various sectors are involved: finance and taxation, training and labor, trade and services, receptivity and tourism, welfare and security, territorial development, environment and culture, with a socially attentive eye. Based on the skills, six macro-groups have been created whose role, within the consultation, is to support with technical expertise, each for their own sector, the President of the House Finance Commission so that it can legislate.
Among the draft laws under consideration of the commission is the Bernardo, Tentori and DDL Susta's Law Proposal: "Introduction of Article 16-ter of the Single Tax Act, as per Decree of the President of the Republic 22 No 917 of December 1986 concerning the deduction of expenses for 'greenhouse accommodation' of discovery areas of private housing units' (3787).
"This project and listening to those who have been involved is a clear sign of the will to further align politics with the real needs of the market and the territory. The relapse can be really important, as important is recognition to the Florovivaistico sector and our category, "says Nada Forbici.
Florovivaismo, in the figure of President Nada Scissors, is included in the Fisco macro group and in the Welfare section of Environment, Environmental Taxation, and Green Economy and Health.
A clear acknowledgment of the weight and contribution that growers can offer to the country's economic and social system.

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