Floriculture, in Milan sums up the sector


Large turnout and participation in the conference proposed by Assoflora September 29 in Milan, at Palazzo Pirelli, entitled The Green as food on the planet", which was also an opportunity to take stock of the floriculture sector.Nearly three hundred present, many institutions and associations represented. During the press conference conducted by Mimma Pallavicini spoke on video Senator Gianluca Susta, the first signatory of the bill for the tax benefits of interventions of the green. A benefit was also called Gianni Fava, regional minister for agriculture: "The system of business nurseries should not be hindered - said - entrepreneurs must be able to invest in planning, no live for the day".The lawyer Paola Brambilla, President of WWF Lombardy, a specialist in administrative law and the environment has deepened among others the issue of the value of ecosystem services, whileEttore Prandini, engaged the subject to emphasize the professional builder and maintainer of the green. "Too often - explanatory Assoflora - both of public authorities, both individuals are turning to volunteers or untrained personnel, with a lapel damaging both economically and as impact on the ecosystem."Finally Nada Scissors, president of Lombardy Assofloro and entrepreneur in the horticultural industry, has given voice to the companies, entrepreneurs. Sounding a warning: "The entrepreneurs can no longer wait. If, as it seems, even the will of the institutions, is to relaunch the horticultural industry, you have to move, compact. President of Lombardy Assofloro recalled that the nursery, as well as benefit to the environment and the quality of air has an important economic weight and employment ".As for the numbers, the horticultural sector produces nationally of 2.6 billion Euros, of which 215 million in Lombardy alone, thus contributing to the 6% to total agricultural production, for example, alongside the wine industry or dairy.Lombardy is also the second highest production nationally (behind Tuscany)

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