He comes The Florist", the first Italian magazine of floral design"


After the presentation of the number 0 in Florence, exit number 1 of The Florist", the quarterly magazine dedicated to floral design. The story head Federfiori Confcommercio Enterprises for Italy is presented in a new guise, with 80 pages of content dedicated professionals.Carlo Sprocatti, president of Federfiori, comments: "The new 'The Florist' is a tool to use in the lab, derive guidance, suggestions, methods both technical and commercial, to learn about the current trends and to evaluate new technical products and accessories that the best companies in the industry offer. "Carlo Sangalli, President of Confcommercio Enterprises for Italy, greeted instead with these words the new release: "A federation, your, always behind the times that it has decided to strengthen, through its house organ, the relationship with her associated. Sign of the dynamism of a reality, that of firms in this sector, they still have a great desire and enthusiasm to do business. "The quarter is the result of the great School Federfiori with the daily collaboration with faculty and Italian international, who offered thanks to their experience a new perspective and open a window to the world of flowers, capable of enhancing the profession. "The head - then added to Federfiori - is able to meet the needs of the professional florist, who feels the need for a publication that propose innovative techniques, suggest ideas and theories advanced, show detailed photographs of floral arrangements, inspires fashion and design.Among the objectives the dialogue with readers, to share expectations and problems, stating the specificity of Italian florists. In the first issue, articles of the largest floral designers, as Gregor Lersch, detailed tutorials and trends for Christmas 2015, as well as interviews and insights. Each issue is devoted to a season

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