The florivivism is on the web


A new synergy with the aim of enhancing the web presence of floriculture companies is to be found: this is where the agreement between Asproflor and Expoplant, a marketplace for operators, specialists and plant enthusiasts, has been signed.
"The convention - reads in the press release after the signing - is aimed at allowing businesses to improve their presence and positioning on the web. Asproflor and Expoplant have decided to join forces with the aim of promoting the opening of new markets and a consequent increase in business profitability. "
Specifically, companies associated with Asproflor will find space on Expoplant's e-commerce platform.
"I think the synergy between Expoplant and Asproflor is fundamental, especially because of the difficulties that associates are facing," says Renzo Marconi, President of Asproflor. "The crisis started a few years ago, now to be seen as a structural phenomenon rather than a business event, is pushing more and more companies to the brink of closing: digital markets may be the way out of this recession phase that is stretching too far time".
"It is a convention of capital importance," adds Irene Notari, co-founder of Expolant. "Through our e-commerce platform, we trust to give new lymph to companies associated with Asproflor. Their pool of users, thanks to the creation of a showcase on the Internet 365 days a year, would in fact be considerably expanded. "


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