The all new 2016 Flormart


From September 21 to 23 back to Fiera di Padova Flormart, the international fair of horticulture, gardening and landscaping, with several new features to further strengthen its role as a showcase for the entire chain of production nursery," as they explain the organizers: "the format evolving open to new trends and current issues such as urban green, resource and opportunities for the region and force for development in the industry."For the salon is coming a new date in June, with "Preview Flormart on tour", which will take place in Tuscany and a repositioning on the "historic" dates. Flormart has also entered into new alliances in order to increase the business opportunities: the 67th edition will take place in fact in conjunction with the sixth edition of Sipac and new pavilions are expected to catalyze new business.The program includes "Flormart GPP Lab", a project dedicated to the presentation and analysis of the most recent environmental policies related to the best opportunities for green business between public and private sector operators. The event follows two directions: Flortraining, ie an institutional conference to discover the GPP and the new market that is developing around the "green purchasing" of public administration and Flormatch, a special B2B exchange, in an area reserved for targeted meetings the promotion of new and emerging business projects.Flormart also reinforces the theme of sustainability, urban green areas and the relationship between urban planning and landscape, presenting all the ecological solutions, technologies and innovations in terms of quality, creativity, research and use of new materials in the field of green applications.Among the confirmations, after the success of the first edition, the international competition of landscape architecture "Flormart Garden Show" this year in collaboration with Uniscape, the network of 52 universities for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention. Two planned sections, with a total prize fund of 20 thousand euro."

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