Flormart: the salon becomes a permanent project


It's called Flormart System 365 and is one of the most significant innovations of the historic international exhibition dedicated to floriculture, landscape architecture and green infrastructure. The change of pace comes from the assessment that the exhibition model, B2B meeting for 4 days, can not be limited to a constructive relationship with companies in the sector but it represents a moment of connection and encounter a path you want to propose to exhibitors adhering to Flormart that develops throughout the year.
"The change is total and not just the Flormart, we have completely changed the approach to the exhibition theme exhibition and therefore also the individual events could only suffer the same fate - said Luca Griggio, CEO of Geo Spa, a company that has recently taken over the management of the fair of Padua - one that we are writing in these months is a history of innovation - and passion - that begins with a simple question: the Fair model that today the world proposes is still relevant? The recovery project that we have put in since last September we have assumed management of the Padua Fair starts from an awareness: the fairs offer the traditional model is exceeded both as a business model as an exhibition model. What we are proposing is a cultural challenge and true approach own and who accepts our challenge believes in a fair where the exhibition event is the final event in a process that lasts all year. The Fair as open space of research and industrial experimentation - for enterprises and the whole city - a hub of innovation in which companies can find stimuli and contamination, as well as a symbol projects capable of becoming a pilot experience to "transfer" to the territory " .
The 365 System project is now composed of four different backgrounds all united by the goal of enhancing the role that green, and then the production chain, has respect to our collective and individual life; It also wants to strengthen the knowledge that a concrete solution than the big themes of the future, such as pollution and hydrogeological, passes right by the use of plants and green thanks to the landscape design, conservation of biodiversity, enhancement and recovery of green space within urban areas.
The first design element is Italian Garden, the Biodiversity Park and permanent showcase for the districts of horticulture, is part of the former exhibition center of Padua, and is part of the Green redevelopment project. The idea is to make the great variety of Italian production plants visible and tangible, making it accessible, open, open to the public and further enhanced during the various exhibitions organized at the fair, in fact, a more active promotion tool. It born from Flormart collaboration with the Botanical Garden of the University of Padua, the oldest botanical garden in the world and today World Heritage site and develop projects and issues related to the innovative contribution on the theme of sustainable future.
Within the Flormart web platform, companies and Italian districts that will participate in the Italian Garden will have a dedicated area for giving visibility and space to their products and will communicate constantly with the world of innovation, design and distribution internationally.
The second tool is the traveling Italian Garden, which is a silhouette of fitted boots with plants that represent the Italian biodiversity and, in fact, the production of nurseries, will be exhibited at major initiatives related to green, the Garden Italian tour multiplies the opportunities and knowledge. The first event is "Styling Landscape" from 11 to 17 June in Pistoia, the second is in Giarre, on the occasion of Radicepura Garden Festival from April 21 to 21 October and which is Flormart partners. The opportunity is to tie your own company or district to all the communication channels that Flormart offers, the website and social media. Not only exposure but also creating content, meetings and discussions also addressed the people in place to confirm the fundamental role that green has in the lives of all of us.
Another piece of the Flormart System 365 are the Green Matching that have the objective of creating within Flormart business contacts between nurseries and the Italian and international buyers. The program of meetings one-on-one confe

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