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A cross-section of Italian floriculture from north to south, through a selection of leading companies, a trip in the variety of national production", said the organizers present the exhibition of more than a thousand square meters, which will be set up within Flormart thanks to collaboration between the living room and nursery Padua ANVE (the national Association of nursery exporters).The companies account for more than half of the Italian regions: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Molise, Piedmont, Puglia, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria. "Companies of different sizes and different productive specializations (from ornamental and forest plants, aromatic and flowering plants, the crops in open fields to those in pots and in greenhouses) that represent the many forms in which it manifests floriculture quality manufacturing Italy ", yet explanatory Flormart.The exhibition will be open to visitors Flormart, scheduled for September 21 to 23."I am very proud of the prestigious partnership with ANVE, a demonstration of the work that Flormart has done in recent months in major industry clusters - says Daniele Villa, CEO of PadovaFiere -. The three-year project to relaunch Flormart which, remember, has already started with the last edition, this year brings into play even more valuable content designed to best meet the business of companies and operators. An innovative format for a Flormart evolving. Together with ANVE propose a real journey through the excellence of the Italian nursery internationally recognized and of great interest for incoming buyers and operators to Flormart from around the world. ""This agreement - adds Marco Cappellini, president of ANVE - has an important political value for the Italian nursery, because it brings together in one area many companies of excellence in all regions of Italy. ANVE will be present, currently with 18 member companies (number that already at the end of the week will be increased by other nursery companies and affiliated service partners with our association) representative of most regions of Italy and of the different nursery productions that characterize these territories. We are happy that this happens to Flormart, which is historically a meeting point of national and international nurseries. This organized presence and representative of ANVE is the best example of how we can do at the national team level in this area and how, overcoming anachronistic divisions and local self-interests, we can promote the national nursery. ""


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