Discovering the vegetable from Flover


An educational tour of over 400 square meters in which to learn to respect the environment and animals and to know the products of the earth: from Flover back "Everyone on the farm." The initiative includes workshops and insights for the little ones in the Garden of Fable become farmers for a day, from sowing to harvest to uncover the mysteries of nature.
Laboratories with curious names and engaging activities to teach children how important their help to make sustainable planet. And 'the goal of Flover Village Farm, which this year combines the knowledge of nature, through the activities in the vegetable garden, workshops to explain the differences between animal species, the importance of preserving species and natural environments.
The appointment is at Flover Bussolengo (Vr), every Saturday from 16 to 18.30: here an instructive path, which runs on over 400 square meters, which is part of a project commissioned by Flover Bussolengo (Vr) to introduce children but also the adults accompanying them, to rediscover nature, vegetable plants and flowers. They will become animal friends Flover Farm: ponies, pigeons, chickens, geese and rabbits. Armed with all the necessary equipment - apron, mini wheelbarrows, watering can and colorful gloves - the little guests of the Farm will learn to cultivate a piece of land: planting a seedling, to know its name, its characteristics and the secrets to do it well grow .
The Village Farm will be open every Saturday afternoon from 16.00 to 18.30 until October with summer holidays (June, July and August). The registration fee for each meeting is 7 euro per child (20% discount if you have a loyalty card) and includes snack; for teachers and parents participation is free. Registration takes place at Flover center speaker or online The maximum number of participants per session is 20 children. The course is aimed at children aged 4 to 5 years if accompanied by an adult, aged 6 to 10 years without the supervision of a parent.


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