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Flower Show - Exhibition of rare plants and unusual
Flower Show


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Flower Show

Perugia Flower Show, exhibition of rare and unusual plants, this year returns in its autumn meeting on 17 and 18 September 2016 in the beautiful setting of the Frontone Gardens Borgo XX Giugno in Perugia. Which has become an indispensable horticultural event, the trade show will allow visitors more experienced and new fans to discover what's new in the industry and meet the best collectors and botanical rarities manufacturers national premiere. The September edition with its warm autumn colors will be entirely dedicated to the most fascinating varieties which reach their peak in the period from September to January to allow anyone to have a garden or just a balcony with flowers all year round, not only in the spring.

Inside the garden visitors will have the opportunity to meet 60 exhibitors among the best of the national horticultural landscape with their beautiful collections: unusual shrubs, fruit trees of every variety from those of well-being to those in ancient species and found, ornamental grasses that at this time of year are striking for the wonderful colors that offer. There will be for lovers of acidophilic the best varieties of camellias, some ready for their autumn-winter flowering, collection of Japanese maples and many incosuete varieties of Hydrangea. Not to forget of course the bulbs in the collection at the height of their beauty, ancient and modern roses, botanical pelargoniums, but also orchids, tillandsie and aquatic plants.

You can admire and purchase unobtainable herbs in everyday life: more than 250 different varieties of basils, thyme, mind, Origani, herbs, sage up to the ornamental, horticultural and unusual pumpkins but also colorful collections of chillies from all over the world: from the one that won the Guinness Book of Records for its spiciness to those most useful for cooking. Undisputed protagonists will be the autumn-flowering perennials, for their splendid colors and are used by more experienced green thumbs for the movement that give both garden and simply to the terrace: collections of Aster (also known by the name of settembrini), of Japanese anemones, Lobelie and Hibiscus to name a few.

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