Flowery gardens, weekend with nurserymen in Milan


A must for lovers of gardening that will be held in Milan, the Orti Fioriti CityLife, on 24 and 25 September next, for a weekend dedicated to gardening enthusiasts: in Flowery Orti CityLife, walking between Berenger Avenue and Piazzale Arduino you can buy vegetables, aromatic plants, seeds and more, as well as learn gardening, thanks to the workshops organized by the exhibitors who have enthusiastically joined the initiative.
These days are also the opportunity to learn and discover a new place in Milan, green area of over 3000 square meters in addition to the great CityLife park, with its 173.000mq to complete the project, will be the second largest green lung of the city.
The Fioriti Orti born in 2015 from the CityLife cooperation with Horticultural di Lombardia Association (www.orticola.org) on a design by the architect Filippo Pizzoni landscaper, Vice President of Horticultural di Lombardia, in collaboration with Susanna Magistretti nursery Cascina Bollate and the Sun Cooperative with large flower beds arranged between them to compose a broken path, even a labyrinthine, within which are alternated, according to the Italian tradition, horticultural crops and ornamental plantings, flowers and vegetables, in a kaleidoscope of perfumes and colors.
Flowery gardens CityLife will be open to the public on Saturday 24 and Sunday, September 25, 2016, free admission and a lunch break from 10:30 to 18:30.
Guests will find exhibitors of different categories - from seed, aromatic plants, the vegetable garden plants until honey, pottery, books and composting - that will be available in the course of the two days not only to sell their products, but also for advise and inform


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