New job opportunities with medicinal plants


Professioni 4.0, that is: new employment opportunities thanks to the convergence between biotechnology and plant production. It is the high-level training proposal that Fondazione Minoprio launches for young people looking for employment after graduation.
The path "Industry 4.0, superior technician for biotechnology applied to the production of medicinal plants and nursery plants and nutraceuticals" allows to develop new technical skills skills in the production of medicinal plants, essences and nutraceuticals, with particular attention to the economic sustainability of the processes of processing of products. The course will provide expertise on the use of sensors and interconnection, with attention to the automatic control of production processes and transformation of plants, their promotion, as marketing actions of the product.
This is a real job opportunity for young graduates or graduates, by the age of 29. In fact, the job placement rate is 80%, according to Fondazione Minoprio, internships are planned for a total of 40% of the total number of hours and entrepreneurs, technicians and business consultants are located in the chair.
Registration is open until December 16th; The course lasts two years and ends with the issuing of the 5th level European State Diploma.
During the course the license is issued for use of drones, the qualifications for use of tools and machines for agriculture, safety certifications: RSPP, fire fighting, first aid.
The course is free (financed by the European Social Fund). Request the only registration fee of 400 euros. For more information:

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