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Fondazione Minoprio

The heart of the Foundation is the Villa Raimondi. Built in the second half of the 18th century, it is now the headquarters of the Minoprio Foundation's executive offices.
The villa and the estate, donated to the Cariplo in the 60s by the lawyer Enrico Sibilia, over the years have been flanked by new buildings: greenhouses, warehouses and buildings used as schools and boarding schools, laboratories and offices. Since 1980 the entire property has been acquired by the Lombardy Region, which manages it through the Minoprio Foundation.
Within the estate beyond the villa and the historic park are the school center (a main building with classrooms, educational workshops, library, newspaper library, reading and recreation rooms, plus the boarding school, the canteen, the gym and sports fields ) and the agricultural center, with production facilities consisting of greenhouses, tunnels, umbrellas, nurseries, vegetable gardens, 10 hectares of orchard with old and new varieties of pomaceous, stone fruit, sarmentose plants, dried fruits, khaki, minor fruits.
Villa Raimondi is surrounded by a vast 7-hectare botanical park containing over 300 main tree species and around 1600 shrubs and smaller trees.
The Botanical Park of the Foundation testifies the level of preparation of the students of the School of Floro Orto Fruticoltura, which have always increased and taken care of it.
A treasure immediately perceptible also by the external public that flows with peaks of over 30,000 visitors a year.
The training offer of the Minoprio Foundation includes, for students who have completed middle school, the Agricultural Technical Institute and professional training courses lasting three years that can be integrated with Higher Education (Higher Technical Institute) and Master first level. Fondazione Minoprio also offers post-graduate specializations, professional courses open to all and enabling courses for companies and individuals. Finally, within the Lombardy Plus program, it offers free training courses for unemployed young people.

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Fondazione Minoprio
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