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Fontana Group srl

For four generations the Fontana family expresses a passion for nature. The company was founded in Pescantina the first years of '900. Today the new headquarters covers an area of over 65,000 sqm with design studio and showroom of wanted plants, large and interior fittings. Specialization and continuous research of plant specimens and balances with contemporary materials, the hallmark of the Fontana style today. A team of people led by technical directors know give life and substance to all types of projects, such as making gardens or the design of terraces, in an organized and on time. quality of work, organization and service are always our aim to achieve continuous improvement and innovation. Our green designers know masterfully create non-discounted solutions, designing the space as a succession of "rooms" that seem to emerge from a natural carpet creating a striking perspective effect.

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Company headquarter
Fontana Group srl
Via Platano 14, San Giorgio in Salici (VR)

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