Groundsmen: the UK model

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The Guardian has nicknamed it "the Silicon Valley of the lawn" and in fact if you think of the United Kingdom, well-groomed surfaces and perfectly cut grass are among the most recurring images. It is no coincidence therefore that the UK is also the homeland of the professional figure of the Groundsman, the gardener specialized in sports greenery, who takes care of the construction and maintenance of the fields. From football, above all, but also golf, rugby, tennis.
The quality of the playing field, therefore also of the competitions, and even the health of the athletes depends on his work.
A recent survey estimates that over 25,000 professionals specializing in this field are active in the UK in 2022. A truly considerable number if one considers that, in the same year, in the whole of the United States the number of groundsmen currently employed is 48,000.
Consulting the latest data released by the portal, which compared the salaries of a few hundred professionals, the average value of the net salary for the groundsman in the UK is around 22,500 pounds (about 26,000 euros) a year.
In Italy, the recognition of the professional figure opens the prospects for new job and training opportunities.

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