For Christmas give a chainsaw


Every year around Christmas we have to think about the list of gifts we plan to do and often the ideas are repeated. To make a useful and important gift to those who love to take care of your green, McCulloch offers two tools that stand out for their unique design that communicates strength and dynamism, characterized by glossy black elements that alternate with matte black and the energy of the yellow. Among the models that in many would like to find under the tree" there is an electric chain CSE1835: designed to facilitate the user, is equipped with a manual tensioning of the chain, large window of oil level indicator and support of the electrical cable to prevent the release of the extension. The oil cap, well located and spacious also allows easy filling without spillage of material. Exceptional performance thanks to the high chain speed (13.5 m / s) and the power that ensures fast acceleration, an electric CSE1835 is ideal for small cutting. Another much appreciated gift for nature lovers is the model CS 340, a proposal for a McCulloch chainsaw to better manage the cutting operations. In fact, the perfect balance, the ergonomic handle and anti-vibration system gives the CS 340 chainsaw ergonomics out of the ordinary, which allows comfortable use. "

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