From Formazione3T a bonus for the professional development of young


A bonus for young people, so that they can invest in their training and professional development. This is the idea that Formazione3T launched ahead of the next conference tree growth and its diagnosis," which will be held in Bergamo on September 30, with host Jeanne Millet.Young people under30 will require the 20% discount on the participation at the conference: the bonus will be spent on events or Formazione3T courses."This initiative - explanatory Formazione3T - is part of a larger project to raise awareness of young people and a greater spread of culture and knowledge of trees and proper management practices. For several years we organize free workshops at agricultural and forestry schools, colleges and universities represent ideal opportunities to bring children to the world of arboriculture and forestry world. One of our goals, in fact, is to help create a new generation of professional arborists who work following the safest methods and corrected to ensure both the health of plants, the safety of citizens ".The bonus (which can be requested at the time of the convention by those born from January 1, 1986) is valid for six months and can be used from 1 October 2016 to 30 June 2017

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