Formula Prato



Formula Prato

Natural and synthetic are now complementary instruments to meet modern technical requirements and the countryside. The excellent knowledge of the specificities of the two areas, a selection of products and high-quality materials and an expert knowledge of the commissioning steps work are indispensable for the realization of a high aesthetic and functional value projects.

Formula Prato was born with the precise intent to offer specialized solutions for professionals in the accompanying green and supporting them in their daily challenges, from site inspection to completion. The agronomic and design skills developed over the years have enabled us to create a product catalog now rich and flexible, ready to meet everyone's needs.

Each project is a new opportunity for us to build on the work of many years transmitting passion and experience. Upon receiving new requests are predisposed along with all the technical actions aimed at highlighting the light and shade of the realization by focusing attention on the aspect of future management: important factor as necessary to preserve over time aesthetics and functionality of the site.


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Emilia Romagna
Company headquarter
Formula Prato
Via Mare 92, Cesenatico (FC)

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