Franciacorta in bloom, twentieth edition


What will be held in Bornato from 18 to 20 May is the 20th edition of Franciacorta in Fiore, this year dedicated to the theme "Landscape Pills".

"The landscape is the environment in which we live and move. Perception constantly moves from the big to the small - the organizers write - from the real world to the one represented. Feeling, seeing, listening to the environment that surrounds us unleashes in each of us different and unique images and sensations. The landscape is the result of our ability to interact with nature and transform it, giving it our personal way of synthesizing what we perceive. The garden is a portion of the world in which we can express ourselves and cut out a perfect reality, in harmony with our feeling, perceiving and dreaming ".
During the 20th edition it will reflect on the landscape through the competition of ideas Festival del giardino di Franciacorta and the usual conference but in a modern key: the TEF, the technical conference this year dedicated to the landscape.
The Franciacorta Garden Festival is the traditional competition for the XVI edition that will have as its theme "Landscape Pills - interpretation, synthesis, creativity. It is open to technicians, artists, photographers, creatives and students called to represent the complexity of the landscape in the space of a garden. The aim of the competition is to raise awareness among the public by offering stimulus, inspiration and solutions dictated by the new trends proposed at international level in the design of green spaces. In addition, a system to create opportunities for economic recovery in the sector. Registration deadline April 9th at 5 pm. All information on


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