Franzini Annibale spa



Franzini Annibale spa

A 135 years after the historic founding, Hannibal Franzini company with its 70,000 square meters. Surface, is now one of the most important business complexes and popular. Thanks to its centuries-old experience has been named one of the "Top Companies" in Reggio Emilia. The meticulous process of a modernization and computerization done over the past 20 years, has enabled it to offer its customers a highly qualified and complete service. The association to SIDERCENTER groups for the steel sector and Ferritalia with regard to other fields of activity has further solidified the company that is well able to cope with any market need. The success achieved in the field of total quality customer service with a very comprehensive, it is also the result of the guarantees that the Franzini brand is proud to present: pre and post sales support, thanks to highly qualified staff, is able to resolve technical and operational problems. An immediate counseling service that specialized operators are prepared to offer at all times and in the face of any need. 35 competent representatives and experts able to assist you at any time with catalogs, technical data sheets and brochures.
Since 1873

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Emilia Romagna
Company headquarter
Franzini Annibale spa
Via Raffaello 29, Reggio nell'Emilia (RE)

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