Free Green Design Courses


On Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th September the two free training days organized by Granulati Zandobbio on the design of the green will take place. Meetings will take place at the Stonecity show in Bolgare (Bergamo).
The first appointment will be with Michael Bottner, mineralogical specialist and will cover the use of building stones and industry. The course's objective is to address the role that natural, but artificial, stones have also taken on creating contemporary gardens and green spaces. The meeting will start at 14am.
On Thursday, September 28 (14.40), we will talk about designing green in 2D-3D developed by knowing the innovations in the field of materials and accessories that enrich each project: all innovative solutions for integrating natural stone, LED technology and sound diffusion from outside and tips to find out how to create virtual walks and photo inserts. The course is held in conjunction with NBL, Light Essences, Landscape Designer.
"The garden - the organizers explain - is increasingly central in private building, terrace and balcony as extension of the living room, landscapes created with stones, ponds, fountains, palisades, dry stone walls and gravel paths."

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